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Law Legislation and Liberty

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  • Item Code: 50812
  • Author: F. A. Hayek
  • Publisher: Routledge Pub.
  • Edition: 1st
  • Isbn : 9780415522298
  • 13 EAN: 9780415522298
  • With a new foreword by Paul Kelly

    'I regard Hayek's work as a new opening of the most fundamental debate in the field of political philosophy' - Sir Karl Popper

    'This promises to be the crowning work of a scholar who has devoted a lifetime to thinking about society and its values. The entire work must surely amount to an immense contribution to social and legal philosophy' - Philosophical Studies

    Law, Legislation and Liberty is Hayek's major statement of political philosophy and one of the most ambitious yet subtle defences of a free market society ever written. A robust defence of individual liberty, it is also crucial for understanding Hayek's influential views concerning the role of the state: far from being an innocent bystander, he argues that the state has an important role to play in defending the norms and practices of an ordered and free society. His arguments had a profound influence on the policies of Thatcher in the 1980s and resonate today in visions of the 'Big Society'.

    First published in three separate volumes, this Routledge Classics edition makes one of his most important books available in a single volume. Essential reading for understanding the background to the recent world economic turmoil and financial crisis, it also foreshadows the subsequent heated debate about regulation and political governance if such disasters are to be avoided in the future.

Book specification
Author F. A. Hayek
Publisher Routledge Pub.
Edition 1st
Isbn 9780415522298
13 EAN 9780415522298
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