Privacy policy

We at consider the protection of your privacy one of our principle commitments. We collect information from each user solely for the purpose of proceeding with the order.  




The type of information collected in our Customer registration and Order forms are of the following nature.


i.                    Name / Company

ii.                  Address

iii.                Mobile Number

iv.                Email Address


We collect name, address and mobile number for the delivery and billing process. Contact number and email is used for contacting customer for informing and clarifying any issues that arise in processing an order. These details will be shared with the couriers who make the delivery on behalf of Jeya Book Centre.


Further, mobile number and email address may be used for marketing purposes such as informing new offers and promotions or to inform company related news through SMS, messaging services (Whatsapp / viber) or through Email. Such marketing will be done directly by Jeya Book Centre, or through trusted third parties who act solely on behalf of Jeya Book Centre.


We ensure that the collected information will be kept within the company and will not be given out or used for any unethical purpose under any circumstances.




We know how important it is to feel safe when using your credit card online.


This is why we have employed the best encryption method available today—SSL. You can feel confident about the safety of your credit card when shopping on our site.


Data Encryption


We encrypt every order to protect your credit card number and personal information using 128 Bit SSL technology.


Encryption is a process by which the software scrambles your credit card number and personal information in transit to


Credit Card Info

We do not store any credit card details in our databases. All transactions are handled by the bank.



This site may link to other external websites, and we at do not hold responsibly to any security flaw or privacy violations of those websites.


Notification of Changes

We ensure that any changes made to the privacy policy will be notified to the customers.